"The oldest house in Ein Kerem" - full of surprises!

עין כרם - סיורים בירושלים
יושבים במרפסת במהלך סיור בעין כרם עם שושנה קרבסי

Visiting the oldest house in Ein Kerem is an authentic experience. We have activities for groups or for privet people. 

שושנה קרבסי במבט אל ירושלים
שושנה קרבסי ממטעמי ירושלים

For groups:

Sultana's love celebration – It's an invitation to fall in love…

"Sultana's love party" – An intriguing encounter with poetry the folkloric tradition of the Jews of North Africa and Spain. Tales of "The secrets of love" kept by the elderly woman, stories from local beliefs in daemons, ancient jewelry, charms and wedding songs and chants. 

"The stories will inspire you, you will get my grandmothers advice for good life and their tips for your love life…

 Shoshana Karbasi:

I will greet you with authentic dress – the traditional bridal dress of Morocco.

Light food in the spirit of the experience. 

A unique couscous making workshop may be combined. 

The stories can be both for men and women. 

בית בשכונת עין כרם

For privet people:
"The oldest house in Ein Kerem" is an amazing house include an ancient wine press , a master piece architecture and colorful design.  We will end the visit on the roof top from which the wonderful view of this biblical village can be seen."  If you would like to have a privet tour in the village, Shoshana Karbasi will lead you in the magical places of  Ein Kerem include artist workshops and galleries.  

"The Rose of Ein Kerem"-Jams&Roses shop

מטעמי ירושלים - סיור בעין כרם עם שושנה
בתיה העתיקים של עין כרם
בית עתיק בעין כרם

"The Rose of Ein Kerem"

Jams&Roses shop in the garden. Free tasets of "crazy" jams in a magical place. Also you can have drinks in the garden, boutique choclates and homemade cakes…

The old house in Ein Kerem" is full of surprises . Welcome.

Shoshana karbasi

מטעמים, ריבות, פירות העונה ושושנה קרבסי

Address: derch ha ahayot 14 Ein Kerem Jerusalem. 


Tel:  972 502452800